Lucky Lin’s ~ 5633 Finch Ave E ~ (416) 298-1388

April Drools Day! Sun is shining; weather is sweet. And #WednesdaysInScarborough continues to be our favourite day of the week. A recent birthday edition saw us hook-up with amigo and local foodie Miguel Grobes over at Lucky Lin’s Restaurant. These guys have been specializing in Guyanese cuisine since 1991. Yet another Scarborough institution to grace the pages of this blog… I must say, this was one of the most solid food reccos in recent memory.

We’ve come hungry, with a strong hankering for curry. I’m told this is the spot for a good curry. Their shrimp and potato option is an absolutely enormous portion of food. There must be over a dozen shrimp in there, easy. We gotta bend at the knees to get this into the car without spilling. Beef, chicken, goat, shrimp, channa… all of their curry dishes come accompanied by legit dahlpuris that can be used as a utensil.

Although located on the mainland of South America, Guyana is considered to be part of the Caribbean region. As such, Guyanese cooking tends to be a unique mélange of West Indian, African, Latin American and Chinese influences. Take, for instance, this Spicy Salted Squid (pictured above). This dish is hidden down in the “Special Suggestions” section on the menu. But don’t sleep on it. Crunchy, spicy, chewy, perfect! It really packs a punch, jumping right off the plate. The spice lingers around for what seems like days;)

Chilli Chicken is another offering with a diverse origin, East meeting West. Lucky Lin’s version is enormous. It’s easily enough for 4 people to divvy up. We order ours atop chewy chow mein noodles. And if you dig deep, you’ll find a bunch of crunchy greens tucked underneath the crispy thigh meat. Winner winner!

With an absolutely enormous menu and even larger portions, I can see why Miguel Grobes has been coming here for years with his family. They even get their holiday parties catered by the good folks at Lucky Lin’s. The Toronto Food Blog is already on our third visit since first being introduced (with no end in site). We keep going back to the well. And we might have just started a little family tradition of our own b/w/o this wonderful family-run Guyanese spot in the Malvern neighborhood of Scarborough.

Dai Dop Voy (Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp & Mix Vegetables)

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  1. Arlene says:

    Wow, I really liked those dishes! They look so delicious and tasty.

  2. Wonderful post and yummy looking dishes.

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