Great Fountain Fast Food ~ 8 Glen Watford Dr ~ (416) 291-6688

It’s April Fools’ Day, but where we’re reporting from today is no joke.  We’re coming to you live from deep Scarborough, downtown Agincourt to be exact.   Hidden in the back of the Dynasty Centre mall, Great Fountain Fast Food does things different.  This place is truly one of a kind in the GTA… where it’s #lunchunder10bucks all day/every day, with literally hundreds of options to choose from.

Now, we’re not usually fans of places with pictures of the food on their menu But a menu of this magnitude that’s written in Cantonese?  This is an exception to the rule.

Jack and Eva have owned the place for almost a decade.  They tell me that like many cha chaan tengs (Hong-Kong-Style diners), orders are served as set meals… complete with soup, main course, and the tea of your choice.  We’ll get to the tea in a moment.

Some of our favourite dishes include the Ma Po Tofu, which comes complete with a grilled pork chop.  OMG, that’s some good eating right there.  Their Hainanese Chicken Rice is also a thing of beauty.  Lathered in just the tastiest ginger-scallion sauce, we could literally eat this every day.

There are a number of Western-style casseroles on the menu.  These baked rice & spaghetti dishes exemplify the British influence on Hong Kong cuisine.  Our current favourite is the Curry Brisket.  Hearty and comforting, this is more than enough food to feed two.

Beef Ho Fun is what to order if you’re looking for a noodle dish that’s on the spicy side.  And their Radish w/ Brisket is also a must-try.  More like a stew, the gravy is thick and peppery.  Perfect with a sidecar sticky rice.

There are an abundance of vegetarian options on the menu at Great Fountain as well.  We’ll typically get an order of Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) when taking dinner home.  Finished in garlic, the serving is huge and makes us think we’re actually eating healthy.  Braised Mixed Vegetables can be finished any way you want.  Have them straight-up, sweet or spicy.  They’ll make them to order.  The show-stopper for us, though, is their fried turnip cakes.  Textures abound with these pillowy pockets.  Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, it’s hard to believe that you’re actually eating vegetables (let alone turnip).

Jack and Eva’s daughter, Anna, is just about the friendliest front-of-house person you’ll ever meet.  She’s always so patient with us as we take absolutely forever to decide what we’re going to eat.  Full of recommendations, she also runs their Instagram account.  Check it out if you’re not following.  She runs a tight-ship on social, documenting daily specials and bringing their abundant menu to life throughout the day.  She tells me that most of their regular customers call about 30-minutes ahead to avoid the lines.  Though if you do happen to walk in, service is speedy.  Fast Food is in their name after all.

Hungry yet?  Next time you’re in Agincourt, be sure to drop in and visit the good folks at Great Fountain.  The food court dining room has recently reopened… so we’ve been hanging with Anna and eating her parent’s food straight out of the kitchen.

Don’t sleep on their Lemon Tea or HK-Style Milk Tea.  They come with all orders and are both 10/10   

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