One2Snacks ~ 8 Glen Watford Dr. ~ (647) 340-7099

One2Snacks is a Malaysian hawker stall tucked away in the parking lot of the Dynasty Centre.

It’s easy to get #lunchunder10bucks at this downtown Agincourt institution.  In fact, the entire menu qualifies.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

Noodles are the same of the game here.   Sweet, salty, spicy… saucy, dry, in broth…  whatever you hankering for, they’ve got you covered.

Curry Laksa is a chicken noodle soup with a coconut curry broth that’s heavy on the asam (tamarind).  Soft tofu, chewy fish balls and crunchy bean sprouts complete the trifecta of textures.  This is sure to warm you up as the days get shorter and cooler.

Hokkien Mee sees chicken, shrimp and fish cakes folded into flat noodles and then wok-fired with soy and oyster sauces until everything caramelizes.  Wok hei abounds in this dish… and we can only explain it as three parts art, two parts science and one part magic.  A perfect balance of sweet and salty; just order it!  Toronto Food Blog approved!

Wat Tan Hor are starchy rice noodles in a translucent egg gravy.  This dish is heavy on the Chinese greens and skews on the mild side (if heat isn’t your thing).

If you’re looking for something less saucy, their Loh Meen are braised noodles, served dry… KL Style!

Nasi Lemak is available on the weekends.  Often considered the national dish of Malaysia, this is a rice-based dish comes served in a banana leaf and provides a little taste of everything…  curry chicken, cucumber, peanuts, sambal, hard-boiled egg and fired anchovies.  Use their wonderful Roti Canai as a utensil, and this is one heck of a #lunchunder10bucks

One2Snacks is open Thursday through Sunday and is cash only

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