Kom Jug Yuen – 371 Spadina Ave – (416) 977-4079

If you’re looking for a great, cheap Chinatown takeaway (and aren’t a vegetarian), you’ve got to drop in on Kom Jug Yuen. One block south of College on the east side, this gem is open 11am until 1am (minimum) every night of the week.

When I first met my wife, she happened to live about 1/2-a-block north of this soon-to-be local favourite. Self-proclaimed as the “Best BBQ Pork In North America,” the owners make it difficult to think otherwise. BBQ pork shoulder, cured then hung in the window, is chopped into thick slices, and served over white rice and Chinese Greens for $4.

Tried-and-tested numerous times over, Kom Jug Yuen has never failed to deliver. For an extra buck, you can get BBQ Duck served up the same way… making this the cheapest, most-trusted takeout in all of Chinatown. Be it after hours or midday, this hole-in-the-wall will fill you up for no more than a Fiver… making it an absolute must-try.

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  1. David Gray says:

    If possible get the son of the owner to cut your pork. His portions are rediculously generous, to the point that his father has yelled at him for giving us too much. Mmmmmm pork.

  2. Marc says:

    Word is that new ownership has brought about the end of greatness for this institution

    1. can you confirm this, marc?

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