Square Boy – 875 Danforth Avenue – (416) 461-2571

This well-known Danforth burger joint originally opened as a drive-in in the ‘60s. Square Boy has been serving-up amazing fast food ever since. Recently renovated, it’s now only the prices that seem to be stuck in the past.

Their Homemade Cheese Burger is 8oz of Greek-spiced chuck, served up with all the trimmings for $4.25 Don’t be shy to ask for lettuce; they’ll grab the bowl from under the counter. Add a side of Fries & Gravy ($2.50) and a well-priced beer ($3.50), and you’ve assembled perhaps the best burger combo in the east end of town.

Pork & Chicken Souvlakis are charcoal broiled, doused in a house aioli, and then garnished to order on a bun or pita for a meager ($4.25)… or as a combo for ($5.95).









Feeling hungrier? Square Boy rotisserizes chickens all day long. They’ll cut one in half for you and serve it atop my favorite Greek Salad in the city for only $8.90.



There are a lot of reasons why my wife and I miss living on the Danforth. Square Boy’s food, location, parking and service all rank high-atop that list. Thank goodness I still work nearby.




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