United Bakers Dairy Restaurant – 506 Lawrence Ave West (416) 789-0519


United Bakers Dairy Restaurant is a bustling family joint. Tucked away at the back of the Lawrence & Bathurst Mall, they specialize in serving dairy (no meat other than fish is available on the menu). Their well-priced and generous portions mean that there’s lots of food to share, lots of food to doggybag, and little room for dessert.

Soups vary by the day; however, one is on offer everyday, and it’s quite obvious why. The Green Split Pea Soup ($3.99 a bowl) is a house favourite and is available to take-out by the litre. Rich and creamy, hints of dill and red pepper compliment the soft noodles at the bottom of the bowl. We took some home after our meal, as did most of the patrons we were sitting beside.

The Small Greek Salad ($6.49) is more than enough to share and is a truly unique house-rendition… reminding patrons that they’re a long way from the Danforth. Be sure to ask for it chopped, as they’ll toss the Lettuce, Tomatoes, Olives, Celery, Hard-Boiled Egg, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Feta Cheese and Onions before bringing it to the table.

The Potato Latkes ($2.25ea) are another nice starter, served with sides of Sour Cream and Apple Sauce. The Falafel Plate ($6.50) is also great for the table, consisting of half-a-dozen perfectly-baked Falafel Balls, homemade Tahini, fresh-baked Pita Bread and slices of Tomato, Cucumber and Pickle.

My regular order is the Sardine Scoop. It’s more than enough food and confirms my status as an old man in training.


For those with more of an appetite, the Tuna Reuben ($12.95) is enough food to feed a small army. A homemade Twister Bagel is toasted, covered in about a pound of Tuna Salad and topped with a generous helping of Cheddar Cheese. The waitress had to bend at the knees to deliver this to our table. She then made a second trip to bring us the complimentary side orders of Coleslaw or Potato Salad, and either Fries or a House Salad. You can’t go wrong with their Lox either


United Bakers is an extremely busy place. Expect a 15-minute line-up on the weekends, and to be sitting on top of the people dining next to you. But also expect families of all ages to be enjoying the numerous breakfast, lunch and dinner options from the dine-in and take-out menus. Thanks for the recommendation, Kate.



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  1. Sherry Young says:

    Have been going to UB for many years- happy that you found it and obviously enjoyed it! Next time you get the greek salad ask for a side of greek dressing AND spinach dressing and use both. It elevates the salad from good to GREAT! I also use the leftover spinach dressing for the bagel instead of butter. Soooo yummy:)

  2. Brian says:

    If you have not tried the Blintzes at United Dairy… you are missing out on a major component of life’s pleasure.

    I haven’t visited in a while but I remember stuffing my face with those blintzes when I was a kid.

    Great bagels too. I will visit this weekend I think…

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