The Cannonball ~ 641 Queen St E ~ (416) 463-0500

cannonball sign 1

The Cannonball is a quaint little coffee shop in Riverside with a lot to offer. Formerly known as F’Coffee, they’re open early during the week and stay open late on many nights. Rob and his friendly crew dish-out a wide array of comforts: from eye-opening espressos through to late-night drinks… and everything in between.

cannonball bagel

There’s always good music playing when I walk into The Cannonball, regardless of the time of day. Each morning, the smell of muffins baking permeates the room. All-day Breakfast Sandwiches are served with Fried Egg, Cheese, Tomato and Ham (optional) and are a favorite among the regulars. My breakfast go-to is a Pumpernickel Bagel with Cream Cheese. It’s a huge serving, filled with veggies for about three bucks. Coffee-based drinks are always on-point, the beans sourced at “The Merch” down the street.

cannonball sandwich

Sandwiches are made to order. You pick your bread, your meats, your cheeses, your veggies and your sauces… then you decide if you want everything grilled, toasted or served straight-up. The Jive Turkey & Havarti is a favorite of mine, as are their outstanding Grilled Cheeses. There is often a Sandwich and Pint deal that fluctuates between $10 and $15 (tax-in) depending on the day. Medium-rare Roast Beef w/ Cheese and a pint of Guinness was a big hit recently.


Not feeling a sandwich or maybe you’re particularly hungry today? There are always a couple of daily specials on the side board, available as a lunch size (served with corn chips or the bread of your choice) or as a small sidecar to compliment your sandwich. They vary from creatively-spiced Soups to Greek Pasta Salad.

cannonball chilli

My favourite, though, has to be the Chili Sin Carne. Now, I am not usually a big fan of veggie chili… but I gotta say, this is next-level stuff right here. Oh, and be sure to ask for cheese curds (if that’s your thing). It’s totally worth it.  

cannonball patio 3

There is also an amazing back patio where you can enjoy your lunch, crush a pint, read the paper or have a quiet conversation. If you’re timing is just right, you may even be able to enjoy some live music. When it’s warm out, this is a hidden, shady oasis in an otherwise bustling & dusty part of town.

cannonball sign

The Cannonball is a friendly Riverside local with a lot going on.  I feel a bit like Norm Peterson when I visit, and I like that. Hope to see you there soon.



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  1. Can’t wait to check this place out! You had me at ‘grilled cheese’ 😜

    1. It’s super kid-friendly, Kelly. Let me know when you swing by and we’ll grab a tea:)

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