RYUS Noodle Bar ~ 786 Broadview Ave ~ (647) 344-9306

*** RYUS has moved from 33 Baldwin to 786 Broadview***

Japanese restaurants abound on Baldwin Street, and RYUS Noodle Bar runs with the best of them. On a street that often seems to be in flux, Chef Ryuchiro Takahashi has set-up a happening spot that, if the food does the talking, is here to stay. With its cozy dining room and relatively-ample patio space, RYUS is a must visit… both on cold winter days and on a “Hot August Night.”

To get the party started, there are half-a-dozen Rice Bowls on the app. menu. Served in both large and small sizes, I will, without fail, always order the Curry Beef Bowl. Trust me… you won’t be disappointed.

As for the soups, RYUS sets itself apart with their triple-soup ramen: a special blend of pork, chicken & vegetable stock. Their Miso Ramen has an extremely thick broth (thanks to the addition of all the white miso) and is topped with sliced Pork & Chicken. This is one hearty bowl; not for the faint of stomach. If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, be sure to try the dipping noodles (Tsukemen). All the noodles, sliced meats and veggies are served dry with the broth on the side for dipping. Good stuff!

There are a number of veggie options available as well. I will often go for the Vegetable Shoya, especially after finishing my Curry Beef Bowl. The Veggie Shoya is a clear, light broth (I always add loads of their homemade chili oil ~ as pictured below) made from kombu, shiitake mushroom, ginger and garlic. Topped with carrot, nappa & green cabbage, bean sprouts, sesame, deep-fried tofu and arugula, this dish is an extremely filling bowl of veggie goodness.

I absolutely love heading to Baldwin Street to grab a bite, crush a pint and do some people watching. RYUS patio allows me to do all three, fueling me up for some post-lunch record shopping followed by a well-deserved nap.

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