Drupati’s ~ 2038 Yonge St ~ (416) 487-7684

With 6 locations across the GTA, Drupati’s has been cooking-up some of the city’s finest Trinidadian cuisine for the past 20 Years. Needless to say, I was more than pleased when they opened their Yonge & Davisville location last summer… right in the heart of my old stomping grounds. Hey, look… there’s Dan Wong about to go inside.

Their doubles are some of the best you can find and can be spiced to suit. I asked for my last order to be extra hot and my face literally melted off. It took a couple of bottles of Ting to regain my bearings.

Mains are served either as Rice or Roti dishes. I’ll almost always go for the Shrimp w/ Rice & Salad ($9.99) with the hot sauce on the side. If it’s a Roti I’m after, their boneless goat is simply outstanding, full of mashed potato and gravy ($9.99).

They also have three sizes for à la carte orders, depending on how hungry you are or how much you want to take home. All proteins and veggies are available. I have a buddy who used to be into eating challenges at lunch. Maybe he still is? So, Morales, if you can crush the extra-hot 20 oz. Boneless Goat (Roti or Rice), lunch is on me:)

drupati's shrimp2

Lunch combos at the Yonge location vary daily and include a small Rice or Roti dish, a Doubles* and Pop for a reasonable price. I didn’t think the combo was going to be enough food on my first visit.  Classic case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach. There’s also a weekend buffet for $10.99 with over 20 veggie & meat items on the menu.

drupati goat roti (1)

Drupati’s is exactly what this portion of Yonge Street needed… some delicious, spicy, home-cooked food. I am super pleased my boss & his wife live so close. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lang will often spoil me by bringing some doubles to work, special delivery.

*By the way, it’s always referred to as doubles, no matter how many you order:)


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